Well, this website doesn’t run on its own. I do have a team that does magic when the projects require hands. All the services are customisable and so is the cost. These are the arena of Services provided by my team in the field of commercial literature, blogging and website design.

(P.S: This is just for simplicity that we provide these services to name, actually, your need is what we care and so will expand our list as you need in these areas.)

1. Book Publishing, PreRelease & Post Release Services

Writing is never easy. But then you got to make it reach the public. Our team and our partners boast of a strong presence in Commercial Literature industry in India. Get in touch for –

  • Book Publishing – offline or online modes.
  • Book Archiving Services includes digitisation and submission to Internet Archive for the availability to coming generations.
  • Book Publishing Consultancy includes pre and post-release activities too!
  • Independent Author/Publisher Services includes editing, publishing, formatting, Cover design, strategical activities.

(Cost is available in the basis of request)*

2. Book Reading & Social Promo

person reading book while drinking beverage

Literature Proofread for major genres, except textbook and scientific content

Social media promo via influencer accounts, preferably Instagram and Facebook

As per the budget, the list includes –

(Cost Size INR 100 to 30,000)*

  • Book Review and visually appealing post for the commercial benefit to the book in terms of sales and readership.
  • Proofreading the alpha or beta copies or the prerelease copies.
  • Free distribution of books to influence an audience, includes teenage groups, reading clubs or the suitable reading age peer groups as per the book content, to create a social media and offline bookclub buzz.
  • PR assistance via reputed PR personalities depending on budget.

3. Website Designing

adult books business coffee

SEO optimised and Worldwide availability at reliable speeds are the reasons why you should not skip us for your Author Website Design.

Blogger? Most Welcome!..

As per the budget, the list includes –

  • All the purchase tangibles/digital assets include domain, server, server/website security, CDN, etc shall be provided via reliable providers having reputed presence worldwide, to name PDR, Namecheap, GoDaddy, Sectigo, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, being just a few.
  • Website security assistance/review/optimisation services
  • Server, or shared hosting services
  • Remote media storage and delivery services
  • Website setup advisory and consultation

(Cost Size INR 450 to 50,000)*

All the services are customisable as per book release budgets, requirements and as per the need of the hour/budget. For assistance get in touch at contact page.

Payment Modes

All Indian Cards/Netbanking/UPI modes are accepted. Paypal is preferred for International Cards/User.

*All the cost and invoice amount is based on need/request. For enterprise and high budget projects, personally shall be decided on a call with terms continued in the email. Under limited circumstances, our terms may be superseded for the favour of the recipient.

Note: We have the right to reject projects based on our assessment of the concept or idea roadmap, which shall be done after consultation with reliable mentors and team members.